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Become a part of Rock ‘n’ Roll history – Adopt a Song’ to support DENNIS AND LOIS, a documentary about the legendary concert-going, merch-selling super fans.

DENNIS AND LOIS (the film) has been enthusiastically received by film festivals and media outlets from L.A. to Manchester and many places in between. We’re eager to gain the worldwide mass audience that the movie deserves, however, we can’t officially release the film until we secure the rights to all the incredible music that brings their story to life.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a unique new program, ‘Adopt a Song’. The program gives patrons a once in a lifetime opportunity to sponsor a fully licensed track from the film.

In return, we’ll commemorate your significant contribution with your one-of-kind DENNIS AND LOIS Platinum Album (!) featuring your name, the band, and title of the song you have chosen to adopt.  You will also receive a special credit at the closing of the film.

Thanks again for your consideration and continued support. 

Adopt any of the following 17 songs.
$3000 per song
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Adopt through PayPay link or reach out to us

Adopt Your Song Today

Click the link below to earn your spot in rock and roll film history