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Love a song? Then go ahead and ‘Adopt a Song’. Now you can be a part of rock-and-roll history by helping to support the release of DENNIS AND LOIS, a documentary about the music industry’s legendary, concert-going ‘super fans’.

In recent months, DENNIS AND LOIS has played to enthusiastic audiences in film festivals from L.A. to New York to Manchester, England. The reviews have been outstanding. Why? Simply because the film has not only connected with music fans, but also with those who enjoy an inspiring story of two people living life to the fullest and on their own terms.

Our goal for DENNIS AND LOIS has always been to have a proper release, ensuring the film reaches a large audience. We are close to accomplishing this goal, but we have one major hurdle left: clearing music rights. Music plays a vital role in the film and we are not able to release the movie until these songs are licensed. We’ve identified 17 songs that have become integral to the story and we can use some help with licensing to keep them in the film.

We’ve worked very hard negotiating with the record labels and publishing companies to come up with a fair agreement to license all the music. We are thrilled with the outcome. All the bands in the film have generously agreed to the same discounted licensing fee of $3,000/song. Each of the artists have their own special relationship to Dennis and Lois and feel honored to play their part in helping to tell this story.

We’re excited to announce a unique opportunity that lets the audience get behind their favorite song (or band) and actually be a part of the film. Its called ‘Adopt a Song’. You can now sponsor a fully licensed track in the film and call it your very own for $3,000. In return, we’ll commemorate your significant contribution with a one-of-kind DENNIS AND LOIS Platinum Album (!) featuring your name, the band, and title of the song you have chosen to adopt. Also, you will receive your very own personal credit in the film that will link your name to the song you’ve adopted.

Thanks for your consideration and continued support!


Adopt any of the following 17 songs.
$3000 per song
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